What Insurance Do I Need When Building a House?

Whether you own a home or are thinking of getting one in West Virginia, it is important to consider buying a home insurance policy. What insurance do I need when building a house? Ordinarily, the coverage you need for a home under construction is dwelling and fire coverage. This covers the structure against the perils named in the policy. Fire coverage may be included in the dwelling insurance, but if it is not, you can buy that separately. Before purchasing the right home insurance, you need to know about the typical home insurance cost in West Virginia.

Home insurance rates in West Virginia are a bit higher due to its weather. The state has a high probability of floods and other events such as hail, wind, and lightning. Taking a home insurance policy helps to cover your home, personal property, and other assets in the occurrence of any unexpected events.

What insurance do I need when building a house? Let’s Talk about Coverage options

A typical home insurance policy provides various types of coverage options, including basic coverages and add-on coverage. Basic home insurance coverage includes dwelling, personal property, personal liability, additional living expenses, and wind and hail coverage. Obtain insurance for your home. For more guidance, buildings insurance for vacant house will provide you with the required details. However, you need to find out the best coverage that aligns with your needs. Some coverage options that you can take to protect your home in West Virginia are:

  • Personal property coverage 

This policy covers the damages to your personal belongings and other objects inside your home. It pays for replacing the damaged property with a brand new belonging.

  • Personal liability

It provides protection from claims made against you when there is property damage or bodily injury caused to another person. It will help you pay for medical expenses, legal defense, and court cases if someone sues you for their damage.

  • Additional living expenses

This coverage pays for your additional living expenses when your home damaged and you have to live somewhere else for a certain period of time. If your home gets destroy by any events, you will have to stay in a hotel and pay for your living expenses. This coverage pays for hotel expenses, restaurant bills, clothing, and other living expenses until your home gets a repair.

  • Hail and wind coverage

It protects your home and personal belongings from the damage of hailstorms and wind. As West Virginia is more prone to these types of disasters, this coverage is recommended for homeowners.

typical home insurance cost west virginia

Home insurance cost in West Virginia

A typical home insurance cost in West Virginia is $843 on average per year for a dwelling coverage amount of $100,000. According to Trusted Choice the average American homeowner pays $1,173 per year for home insurance. It is 59.9$ less than the national average cost that is $2,103. The cost of your home insurance depends on some crucial factors such as,

  • Your location.
  • Age of your house.
  • Materials used in construction.
  • Replacement cost.
  • Your claims history.
  • Credit history.
  • Coverage option.

Similarly, finding an attorney who will walk you through any of the coverage and conditions is still a smart idea, as is contacting an insurance broker or an insurance agent. Similarly, given the prevalence of cybercrime, you might be involved in cyber insurance. A regular homeowner’s insurance policy from a Georgia insurance brokerage provides different coverages.


Home insurance costs based on a coverage amount

  • Coverage amounts of $100,000 to $200,000 costs $1,010.
  • The coverage amounts of $200,000 to $300,000 costs $1,604.
  • Coverage amounts of $300,000 to $400,000 costs $2,015.
  • With coverage amounts of $400,000 to $500,000 costs $2,385.
  • Greater than $500,000 costs $2,961.

When buying home insurance coverage for protecting your home, you should not only focus on the price. Likewise, finding an attorney who will walk you through any of the coverage and conditions is still a smart idea, as is contacting an insurance broker or an insurance agent. Besides cheap cost, you should also consider customer service and available coverage options. As a result, when clients  want to find an agent, you can use your business insurance background to help you come out on top. Contact us to get customized insurance at a lower with full coverage.


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